USQTech Corporation Capture Support

Prepared by AOC Key Solutions (KSI).

KSI will help USQTech implement a custom process and develop actionable deliverables to achieve growth in the federal market.


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Achieving Growth

Setup Process

The purpose of this Project is to develop USQTech’s internal processes to ensure that all opportunities are vetted, analyzed and USQTech is positioned to continuously win work in the public sector.

Best in Class Support

KSI is committed to providing USQTech exceptional support in all phases of the project. This includes ongoing support in all phases of the Opportunity LifeCycle.

Long Term Growth

The purpose of this partnership between USQTech and KSI is to ensure USQTech is setup for sustained long term growth in the federal government market

USQTech Proposal

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Purpose of the Project

AOC Key Solutions, Inc. (KSI) created the KSI Advantage© Process to provide organizations like USQTech with the ability to implement business development best practices, develop actionable deliverables, and to better position their organization to win business in the their respective markets.

Like the other projects and processes KSI implements within the KSI Advantage© framework, the Capture and Proposal Management processes are structured and designed to help USQTech make data backed decisions on the opportunities they pursue, develop the business case for the opportunity and deliver a strong proposal that best details USQTech’s capabilities.

Project Activities

Implement Your Capture Process

The purpose of this phase is to develop the USQTech specific Capture Process that will be documented and used internally for USQTech’s Public Sector Opportunities. KSI provides a structured 6-step baseline for measuring Business Development effectiveness and evaluating potential opportunities.

KSI will use this process as a baseline and work to understand USQTech’s current process and/or best practices that USQTech personnel use. KSI will then work with USQTech to blend the two and provide USQTech with the approach and process that works best for their business.

Ongoing Capture Support

Through efforts of the Business Development team, USQTech will be able to build out a pipeline targeting the agencies procuring their capabilities. As this pipeline builds, KSI will be there to support and help evaluate the opportunities with USQTech.

KSI provides Capture Support in two ways:

    1. Advisory – KSI leads and guides the USQTech team through the capture process.
    2. Pursuit Support – KSI performs the Capture Manager role for specific opportunities.

Under this partnership, each opportunity is scoped and an estimate for project duration and level of effort is provided to USQTech with twenty four (24) hours of the Opportunity being shared. The intent is to provide USQTech with the understanding of the projected cost and the expected timeline for each step and phase of the Capture Process.

The Support Team

AOC Key Solutions (KSI) is committed to hiring the best consulting team in the Industry. Below are the team members that will support USQTech throughout the Project.

Tara Nesvaderrani

Tara Nesvaderrani

Capture Advisor

Tara is KSI’s lead Capture Advisor. The Capture Advisor plays both the role of building the Capture Process and ensuring adoption across an organization. Tara will also serve as the Capture Manager in ongoing support.

 Jean Watterson

Jean Watterson

SVP of Operations

Jean oversees all consulting projects that KSI implements across our clients. As a key resource for the team, Jean will be ensuring that the projects are delivered correctly and within the estimated time frame.

Jack Mathes

Jack Mathes


Jack Mathes will support all phases of the Process Development Projects creating deliverables, coordinating with the internal team and ensuring efficiency throughout the projects. 

 Project Costs

For this project, below are the costs for the support.

Capture Process Development


Ongoing Capture Support

Per Opportunity

Proposal PDFs

View and download Proposal and Project Schedule. 

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