Market Assessment Services


We help clients identify, assess, validate, and penetrate the federal contract market.

Before you enter into new or adjacent markets, we help you decide if they are worth entering. Our market assessment services include:

  • Market Analysis:We research the health of the government market sector, and provide information on which agencies and offices are buying, when, and in what quantities.
  • Core Capabilities Analysis:We compare and contrast your firm’s core competencies against those required for success in the new market.
  • Government Procurement Regulations Expertise:We acquaint you with the intent behind federal regulations and predict how they will affect your market and company. Key Solutions also interprets the complex web of acquisition rules and practices that surround your market sector to help you remain in 100% compliance.
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests:Government contractors use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to gather intelligence, including details on competitor contracts and proposals. We do the groundwork for you, so you won’t have to. Meanwhile, we preserve your anonymity and gather publicly available documentation to facilitate market penetration.
  • Opportunity Identification:We help companies target lucrative and important contracts of paramount interest. Your company receives early warning of upcoming procurements before your competition learns of them.
  • Target Assessment: We help you determine whether the business opportunity fits your core competencies or strategic vision, whether it is worth pursuing, and likely to result in a win.
  • Preemptive Market Intelligence: We track your competitors on a specific bid so you can anticipate and counter their strategies.
  • Customer Preferences: We uncover unwritten preferences and hidden agendas to determine what the customer is really looking for.


Before you bid, let us provide you with actionable market intelligence.

Contact us for a market assessment.