Capture Management Services


We will work with you to develop a capture plan that will increase your firm’s win probability.

Our capture management and strategy services include:

  • Capture Managers: Our experienced capture managers identify the resources required to pursue a bid, establish any required processes and plans, and manage their execution.
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Gap Analysis: We analyze the SOW and determine whether your company has any serious gaps or vulnerabilities and provide suggestions on how to mitigate these immediately.
  • Competitive Assessment: Key Solutions identifies a set of key characteristics of a winning bidder; this is called the Notional Winner Profile. Using this as a benchmark, we provide a Competitive Assessment—a quantitative assessment of your company and your competitors, respective strengths and weaknesses, and actions for enhancing your competitive position.
  • Third Party Performance Assessment: A key part of strategy is understanding the customer’s perception of incumbent performance. Key Solutions conducts independent, third-party, incumbent assessments to gather meaningful and qualitative information regarding the level of customer satisfaction with a contractor’s performance.
  • Win Strategy: Key Solutions develops a win strategy using the results of the Competitive Assessment to articulate how your company intends to win the contract. The Win Strategy explains the elements that will enable your company to best leverage its strengths and mitigate its weaknesses. The Win Strategy may include but not be limited to:
    • Vision Statement
    • Teaming and subcontractor support
    • Business Model
    • Pricing Support
    • Key Personnel Qualifications
  • Offer Design to Win: The Offer Design converts the Win Strategy into a set of identified approaches that describe what your company will offer in response to the customer’s requirements. It sets forth the compelling reasons for the selection of your company as the winner of the contract. The Offer Design may include:
    • Quantifiable results
    • Promises and Commitments
    • Discriminators/Selling Points
    • Sixty Second Win Message
  • Teaming/Subcontractor Support: We help firms gain a competitive edge by identifying the right teaming candidates and forming effective alliances with other qualified companies that will emphasize strengths and/or offset weaknesses.
  • Communications Plan: An effective, tailored communications plan is designed to ensure that key decision-makers are fully aware of your company’s capabilities and commitment to the program Some elements of a communications plan are:
    • Customer Contact Plan
    • Media Plan
    • Identity Materials and Brochures
    • Community Relations and Stakeholder Strategy

Boost Your Win Rate

Engage our Capture experts early in your proposal effort to boost your win probability.