Chantilly, VA – April 4, 2012 – AOC Key Solutions, Inc., a Chantilly, Virginia-based small business, announced today that it reached the $114 billion threshold in total federal government contract wins for its clients.

“Since our formation in 1983, we have played a role in helping clients win some of the largest and most technically complex contracts in the business,” noted Dr. Richard Nathan, KSI’s CEO and President. For each of the past five years, KSI has won an average $9.1 billion per year for clients. The company’s clients range from small start up firms to the largest defense and aerospace contractors in the nation and the world.

“The $114 billion benchmark is a significant milestone in our history,” Dr. Nathan added. “Of course, it means even more to our clients, to the regional economy, and to the professional labor market in and around the DC area.”

AOC Key Solutions focuses on several thriving and competitive markets within the government contracts sector. These markets include information technology, energy and environment, defense and homeland security, and operation of government facilities and infrastructure.

“Clients hire us to help them win government contracts when failure is not an option. There are not silver medals for second place” said Dr. Nathan.

Since its inception, Key Solutions’ client base has grown to over 225 companies, most of which are headquartered or have a major presence in the DC area. The company has helped its clients win work from over 75 federal agencies. Projects include securing the nation’s borders, protecting critical communications infrastructure, and cleaning up nuclear waste sites.

Today’s $114 billion announcement came as the firm received word that its clients had received 45 awards totaling nearly $9 billion in 2011. The 45 separate awards in a 12 month period sets an all time high for annual wins for the company.

About AOC Key Solutions, Inc.
AOC Key Solutions (KSI) is a proposal consulting firm that helps companies win government contracts. KSI employs 45 full time proposal development specialists and is supported by a resource base of over 250 subject matter and technical experts.

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