We have to admit that we are not a big fans of meetings, especially ones that tend to devolve into sprawling time-wasters.  So what makes the daily stand up meeting different and such a crucial part of the proposal process?

In this episode we also discuss the elements of great resume writing.


  • Ed Zimmerman, Proposal Consultant, Author of “The Leadership Map”
  • Harry Pritchett, Marketing & Proposal Specialist, AOC Key Solutions
  • Jim McCarthy, Owner, AOC Key Solutions
  • Raymond Thibodeaux, Host & Proposal Specialist, AOC Key Solutions

About Keys to Winning
Keys to Winning is a podcast where we cover topics on federal business development, proposal management, and government contracting trends. Every episode is 15 minutes or less. All episodes are hosted by Raymond Thibodeaux, a seasoned proposal specialist with AOC Key Solutions. 

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