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High Standards = Happy Clients

Siemens Government Technologies
Thanks for providing us Cynthia Maison. Consistent with all her prior work, she is really helping move the team in a positive direction. She has an instinctive ability to communicate with very disparate personalities and focus on the important and relevant information. Her work ethic and presence drives the rest of the team to excellence. She emanates a positive spirit and a winning position.

CACI International
Sara Freeman authored the ‘Recruiting and Retention’ section, which was one of the highest rated sections. Sara always makes an excellent contribution to whatever bid she works on, always striving to develop her skills and reach the next level. In addition to high quality work, and attention to detail, Sara is always a pleasure to work with.

I didn’t want to let any more time pass without letting AOC Key Solutions know how much all of us at SAIC appreciate the expert support we received from Key Solutions in the preparation of our proposal to NGA. Lynnette Anderson demonstrated again what we’ve come to expect from her – excellent leadership and focus in managing our team, and initiative above and beyond her responsibilities. While we were waiting for the GDS RFP to be released, Lynnette took on the challenge of learning the details of our GEOINT production, processes and products, even traveling to St. Louis and Melbourne to learn first-hand what we do in support of NGA.

Lynnette was supported during the proposal process by other KSIers: Gretchen Peeler, who served as Proposal Coordinator, and Ed Zimmerman, who was our Management Volume Book Boss. Finally, I want to thank Jim McCarthy for serving as our Color Team Lead in the early stages of proposal development. It stands as one of the hallmarks of the successful GDS FG proposal development process. Please give my personal thanks to Lynnette, Gretchen, and Ed for their outstanding support to us. Best wishes to all of you at Key Solutions…

Blue Water Federal Solutions
Ashlie Granier’s production support on this effort was incredible. I’ll save you the gory details, but we worked this one nearly all the way to the edge and she was with us churning and burning the whole way through. Quick, responsive, and with a great customer service attitude the whole way.

Harkcon, Inc.
I wanted to take a few minutes before we file the proposal copies and go on about our normal business. First, I’d like to thank Doug Brisson for introducing us to your firm. Second, I want to recognize the value that Key Solutions brings to the proposal process. As painful as proposals are to generate, it was far less painful to generate this one because we had the Key Solutions team backing us up during this effort with staff, facilities, and support. I very much appreciate the flexibility that you applied to normal processes, billing models, etc to accommodate a small firm like ours. Most important I want to publicly thank Jason Rios. It’s always hard to be the Proposal Manager … but especially difficult with this effort. The government made their process overly complex but Jason helped us to work through that with calmness, focus and technically astute direction. He never complained, always kept us on target and kept us collectively focused on the goal … a fully compliant and high quality proposal submitted on time. Kudos to Jason and thanks for everything that you, AOC Key Solutions and Jason does! I could not be a more delighted client and you may quote me on that!

Veteran Institute for Procurement
Doug [Senior Proposal Specialist] escorted me to the FedEx store last night and waited in line to make sure it got the correct send off! To me, that tells it all. You care that much. I truly do not know how we would have undertaken this effort without your support and leadership. We had a guest speaker at last year’s Board of Director’s Retreat who wrote a book titled, “I Love you More Than My Dog”. Basically, it is a book about customer loyalty and how businesses should strive to have their customers feel as if you love them more than your dog. Your entire team was not only professional, extremely knowledgeable, and helpful, they were patient, too, and wanted to get it right, no, strike that – wanted to get it perfect. They, too, wanted to ‘WIN’. I have every confidence that we submitted the best proposal possible and it is clear why you have long hallways displaying your winning proposals! However, no matter what the decision by SBA, I felt like AOC Key Solutions loved me more than their dog! Thank you so very much for your commitment to our success in finding the funds that VIP needs to support veterans. WE all owe you 🙂